The stratospheric figure of Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract


Naa 60 seconds that it is estimated that a reader will need to read this news, Cristiano Ronaldo entered the order of 380 euros in your checking account. The 200 million a year that the Portuguese footballer got for his signing for al nassr saudi They represent partial quantities for months, weeks, days, etc. which makes it a truly stratospheric promise.

The twitter account @DeadlineDayLive has made a calculation of what this 200 ‘kilo’ means in the aforementioned parts. And so, Cristiano Ronaldo ensures 16.7 million euros per month, 3.85 ‘kilo’ per week or 550,000 euros per day.

Decreasing the calculation more, one who is a great figure of Real Madrid, Juve and ManUnited will receive 22,800 euros per hour orwhich is the same, 380 per minute or, to close the calculation, 6.3 euros per second.

How many figures? justify their signature for the Arab team until 2025. Because in 2015, as many remembered on social networks after the signing of CR7 by AlNassr became official, the player ensured that “I want to end my career with dignity, at a big club, not in the USA, Qatar or Dubai”. And remember: in the approximate minute you read this news, CR7 has collected almost 400 euros. Mighty knight.

Source: La Verdad


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