Darder: “We don’t just play for ourselves but for many people”


Sergi Darder, the first Spanish captain and one of the players with the most marked parakeet DNA, recognized after the famous derby draw the team’s pride and good football despite the difficulties. And that the dressing room is very clear that they are playing in the name of a hobby “because being Spanish in Barcelona is difficult.”

“The feeling we have is not shared by all the teams. We talked about it before the game, now we are not only playing for ourselves but for many people because it is difficult to be from Spain in Barcelona. Despite of all the difficulties, we are together and with our people. I hope the fans are happy, maybe not completely because we didn’t win and we needed it, but I think the image and pride that the team put out is remarkable- attention”, Darder said in statements to the club’s official media.

The man from Artà, always ambitious, ensures that “we came to win. We all believe that this is a good moment after the World Cup because Barça had casualties that were not with them later and they can think of others more things. . We have been preparing and thinking about this game for a long time and have seen it”.

It’s not all praise from the captain. He also made a self-criticism of the goal the Spaniard conceded from set pieces. And there are a few. “I think we can’t allow ourselves to fit in too soon. Against a team that dominates so much, we can’t allow ourselves to fit from a set piece, because we talked about it not can happen”, he explained. But he qualifies that “even though it happened but the team didn’t fall, we persevered and our game was good in general terms”.

Darder made it clear that fans may be upset about the lack of points and delicate sporting situations, but not the team’s attitude. “They may not have been satisfied with the number of points we had, but not with our spirit because we left everything to ourselves. I understand the discomfort about the points but the image of the team is good, they always leave everything. The only thing left to do is improve and score points now. I ask the fans to be with us in the new year, we need them. It depends on us”, he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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