Joselu: “The penalty was very clear, it broke my boot and everything”


Joselu Mato He gave the parrots the best possible start to the year, inflicting the ultimate punishment that he himself converted and gave RCD Espanyol a point that can and should be before and after for those Diego Martinez this season. “This is the Spaniard, the feeling is very positive at the end of the game”, declared the author of the final 1-1 against him FC Barcelona on the microphone of ‘LaLigaTV‘.

“After all the difficulties of the last 24 hours, we already know that it is difficult to get something positive. It goes to those who were not able to bring their shirt to this stadium,” he launched. Joselu. The boat contacted yesterday at spanish that the parakeet fans who, individually, have bought tickets and are wearing clothing that identifies the blue and white team will not be able to enter the Camp Nou to witness the derby live.

“Álvaro has many personalities”

Asked about punishment Mark Alonsothe German-born Galician ‘killer’ was in no doubt: “It was very clear. It broke my boot and everything”, he said Joselu before praising the figure of Alvaro Fernandezhero of spanish in the last minutes with two great interventions against Christensen Y Lewandowski. “I’m very happy for him. He has a lot of personality, he showed that he is a very good goalkeeper,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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