Profe Ortega, the 2022 World Cup and the non-negotiable style"


Ang Professor Oscar Ortega spoke, in a relaxed and friendly tone, sometimes even intimate, on Uruguayan radio Sports 890. “When you present a proposal and that’s how your fans think (as happened against City in the last clash against City), it’s because the message is for everyone”. He seemed convinced, and with a touch of emotion. “We lived a sensational moment with the fans. Atlético seems to have passed”.

The tie was not enough to qualify for the semi-finals of the Champions League, but the second half was unforgettable. “We have been true to our style. You’ll like it more, you’ll like it less, but the way we compete is out of the question.. People looked for it, and found it. There was a symbiosis between this working group and the fans. We came out victorious because our game methodology was still valid to compete ”.

Professor Ortega clarified that he had a “two -year more contract” with Atlético, and he negotiated “on my side”, with his representatives, who were independent of the negotiations conducted by DT, Simeone. “But with Cholo we are friends, and the expiration date of my contract I ask that it coincided with his, even if they are arranged separately ”, I add the Uruguayan PF.

Ortega, with permission of Cholo Simeone and permission of Atlético de Madrid, joined the coaching staff of Diego Alonzo, which he thought for the last four games of Uruguay. So, he’s at the end of January, beginning of February, and double the March date, along with the light blue in the latter part of the South American Qualifiers, in a regime equivalent to the players indebted to FIFA breaks.

Are you going to the World Cup as a physical trainer for Uruguay? The leaders of the Uruguayan Federation who traveled to London in early April for the inauguration of the joint headquarters of UEFA and CONMEBOL, and attended the match between City and Atlético in Manchester, intend to speed up negotiations to achieve the transition. of the Teacher for the World Cup in Qatar, but as MD found out, at Ortega’s request, “a stop on the road” was made, and there were only congratulations and thanks for the authorization of mattresses for four matches of light blue at the beginning of 2022.

Ortega, in his statements on Uruguayan radio, confirmed this information between the lines, and he wandered between his obligations to Atlético and his dream of being included in the World Cup.

On the one hand, he clarified that the opportunity to land in Qatar, “I haven’t talked about yet”, and “ now I am I owe the club, I am 100 percent involved in their competitions ”. He also reaffirmed his “thank you to my house, that’s Atlético”. But, in return, he said that “being in a World Cup is the best. This is my country, the national team is pulling me. “

This is something that will be resolved in the coming months. So far, it seems impossible for him to join Uruguay in two friendly matches at the beginning of June in the United States. But I do leave some affirmations, which may mark the path in the future. “ This is really going to be my decision. ” First of all. And more than that, he remembered a phrase from an old Uruguayan leader, Washington Cataldi, both of whom traveled the world in 1974 to collect the votes he needed. Joao Havelange in Africa, Asia and America, to defeat the British in the FIFA presidency Stanley Rous.

“There’s nothing worse in management than not doing it”. And this management, Profe Ortega’s chance to be part of the Uruguayan coaching staff at the World Cup, will do. Sooner or later, but it will do.

Source: La Verdad


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