Vinicius went into stand-by


That’s him Real Madrid going through a hole no one knows yet whose length seems like a given. And the reasons are several. So, perhaps one of the most obvious is the lack of contribution of Vinicius on the attack in the form of goals and assists that were hidden before the World Cup break and continued in the second leg.

And it is that the Brazilian accumulates four games without managing to sign a goal or an assist. Something that, for example, last year, his great explosion, did not happen in more than three consecutive games.

In fact, in the last ten games he has played (Four incl Brazil and six with him Real Madrid), he has only managed two goals and one assist. Some numbers show a small decrease in their contribution.

valuable asset

However, and despite the fact that the numbers do not include him, Vinicius He continues to be one of Real Madrid’s most important attacking assets thanks to his overflow and speed.

He has the ability to unblock fights and that ancelotti He knows this and for this reason he has no intention of taking him out of the eleven in favor of another teammate because those who end up (Asensio Y Hazard) are also not taking advantage of the “opportunity” it gives them Vinicius.

Source: La Verdad


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