Zaragoza is interested in Lazo


Eleven days after the winter market closed, the Spaniard intensified negotiations to Tie the reinforcements Diego Martínez He asked to strengthen the squad and become more competitive to undertake the challenge of permanence.

So far, new sources have come for the rear, in the middle César Montes and right-back Pierre-Gabriel. But a defensive midfielder should still be included and if there is room for maneuver or interesting loan options, a winger.

There will also be departures in the long week left to lower the blind. In the final hours, a suitor appeared for a player who had a few minutes at the moment, Jose Carlos Lazo. According to ‘El Periódico de Aragón’, Zaragoza would have investigated the possibility of include the Andalusian winger on loan. But the operation, in principle, seems complicated.

According to the aforementioned media, the Aragonese club would have contacted the Spanish sports management but the Tie about one million euros per year, will be the main brake to finish the assignment. Logical because Zaragoza must handle at least half of said file, an amount that cannot be paid at the moment for the club’s hand.

Another of the handicaps experienced by the operation is that it seems, Diego Martínez did not look good at the farewell de Lazo when he remembered that there were few pure wingers in his squad. Despite everything, if the Spaniard signs a winger, one of the areas claimed by the parakeet coach, the option where Tie go to Zaragoza can be reactivated.

For now, Zaragoza knows that their wish remains in the borage water, it will not be fulfilled. But in the latter part of the parakeet market, anything can happen.

Source: La Verdad


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