Gattuso: “I’m waiting for the signing, like the fans or the journalists”


The signings that Peter Lim told Gennaro Gattuso the club could offer him have yet to arrive and 25 days have passed since the market opened. Or what is the same, two League days, which will be three in any case, two Cup qualifiers, which will also be three before anyone arrives, and the Super Cup semifinal.

“I’m waiting, like the fans or like you (in reference to the journalist). The club knows I’m missing a midfielder,” Gattuso said on Wednesday. The Italian began to show impatience and even considered the option of not having reinforcements. “I will continue working and that’s it,” he stressed. .

Gattuso insists you can’t sign for the sake of signing. “We have also talked about the level players that cannot be done because they do not provide numbers. I am open, but there must be a quality that I like,” he said. That, and the rhythm of the game. “If he hasn’t played yet and we have to wait for his speed, it will be too late,” he said.

The coach, who wants a pivot, midfielder and winger, explained that from what he saw, his idea was to invest the money in an all-round player. “A midfielder who can play in all positions,” he said.

Source: La Verdad


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