West Ham acted to prevent another attack on Eintracht


West Ham want to avoid scandal at the Camp Nou and have adopted some measures to buy tickets for the first leg of the Europa League semifinals that will face Eintracht Frankfurt next Thursday, April 28.

The English club today released a press release detailing a series of measures aimed at preventing the attack by Eintracht supporters on London Stadium as happened at Camp Nou, where about 35,000 German fans stood after get their ticket. different channels.

Although it announced that “the demand for tickets has never been so strong”, West Ham specified in its statement that each subscriber of the club would be able to buy two more seats per person from now on.

“Fans living in Germany, who have no booking history, will unfortunately not be able to buy tickets for this match,” the London club said.

Strong hand against resale

Another of the strict measures adopted by the ‘hammers’ was that “West Ham fans who resell their tickets for Eintracht Frankfurt on an unauthorized platform will cancel their season ticket and be banned from London Stadium during the season. 2022-2023 “.

Finally, West Ham reminded that “due to UEFA regulations, please note that fans far away cannot purchase tickets from the home sector of the stadium. All tickets are for local supporters unless specified. “.

A few hours later, West Ham released another statement informing them that tickets for the game had already been sold out.

The Eintracht, with a desire for revenge

West Ham, the extinct Cup Winners ’Cup champions in 1965, faced off in its first European semifinal since 1976, when in the same competition they eliminated Eintracht Frankfurt before losing in the final against Anderlecht (4-2). Revenge was laid.

Source: La Verdad


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