La Minera earned more against Racing Murcia


La Minera earned more against Racing Murcia

The game started with the dominance of Perona’s team, who scored the winning goal after five minutes through Andrés. Until the 20th minute, the predominance continued as a visitor where they got another chance. From that moment on, the Minera took control of the party.

Marcos, Dani Ruiz (Thales, 58), Gabi (Miguel, 66), Fran Molina, Jorge (Vitor, 74), Manolo, Franco, Nasta, Chema, Piquero and Keko (Chiqui, 66).

Emilio, Víctor (Palazón, 63), Fran, Julio Algar, Cases (Páez, 63), Andrés, Écija, Hamza (Kilian, 73), Freire, Loren (Zanetti, 82) and Alejo.

They had up to six very clear chances, but on this day luck in front of goal was elusive for Llano del Beal’s. A shot on the post and the success of the Racing Murcia defense and goalkeeper were key to the victory for the visitor, who had only a counter-attack to increase the revenue. It should be noted that before the break there was a clear penalty against Piquero that was not awarded in favor of de Minera, a decision that could have changed the script seen and the visiting victory.

Source: La Verdad


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