The Feyenoord goalkeeper’s controversial trick that put a rival out of action


The feyenoordcurrent leader of the League of the Netherlands, tied yesterday in the field of Twenty (1-1) and saw how the battle for the lead tightened, as their lead over AZ and PSV was reduced to just two and four points respectively.

But despite the result, an action by the Feyenoord goalkeeper, Justin Bijlowis the one who has been focusing all the attention in recent times due to the debate that has developed around whether his action was unsportsmanlike or simply another trick of the game.

bijlow was forced to leave his place to cut off a dangerous counterattack by the local team where the winger Virgil Misidjan He tried to get the ball.

After sending the ball, the goalkeeper realized that his goal was left unprotected, so in order to avoid the quick kick of the rival, he decided to throw a second ball on the pitch. This made Misidjan very angry, because with this action the Feyenoord goalkeeper was able to stop the game and therefore, the risk of a possible goal play.

The referee allowed Bijlow a yellow card, a punishment that was at the center of debate among Dutch fans as it was considered by many to be insufficient, given its incident in the game.

Source: La Verdad


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