What happened in Berlin? Nth step back in Isco’s career


The race of Isco Alarcon It was not only rebuilt after the man from Malaga left the real Madrid when fulfilling his contract and in the most complete ostracism. The one who became an international in Spain accumulates scandals and disagreements in his attempts to be hooked on football at the highest level. After a discussion with Monchi (they said that they were more than words and that they were about to break), which hastened his departure from Seville After playing just 19 games after emerging as a star this summer in front of 15,000 Sevilla fans at the Sánchez Pizjuán, the man from Benalmádena lasted very little as a player for Unión de Berlín, to whom he committed to second half of the season.

After passing the medical examination in Germany and even posing with his new team shirt, Isco boarded a plane back to Seville, where he currently resides. Economic differences that arose at the last moment disrupted the operation to the point that the exchange of accusations was public in the media between the parties.

Unión Berlin’s sports director, Oliver Ruhnert, made statements to this effect referring to the player’s part published in the club’s official media. “We would have liked to be with Isco, but we have a limit. Now it has been exceeded, contrary to what was agreed before, so the signing will not take place,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Jorge Mendes’ company, ‘Gestifute’, points to the other party in an information in the newspaper ‘Bild’. “We realized in the course of the talks that the other party in this negotiation is no longer willing to move within the initially agreed upon framework.”

The reality is that Isco is back to being like last summer, without a team, and will have to go to markets that close on other dates. The option of Málaga, in the Second Division, was discussed, but the situation of the club from their land was not the best either. Turkey, the United States or some odd league are now their markets.

Source: La Verdad


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