De Burgos was right not to call Raphinha a penalty


The Basque From Burgos Bengoetxea, in a Betis-Barça closely contested and with an obvious lack of positioning as he could not find his right place on the field of play, he was allowed, leaving clear fouls unpunished in the 40′ with a very clear push from Christensen in Borja Iglesias. He doesn’t know how to apply the advantage when the game calls for it, limiting himself to punishing the many fouls made by footballers, whistled 17 times Legs and 10 to boat ruining the game by cutting off its flow and allowing many protests. He was right in the 56′ by not punishing the fall of raphinha because he threw himself outright. channels nor touched him The reproaches to ruibal, Saved and Luis Henrique They are administered fairly. The VAR of Jaime Latre He did not intervene due to the lack of conflicting plays. Burgoswell helped, therefore controlling the game at all times even performing a disturbing arbitration at some stages.

Source: La Verdad


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