Pacheta: “You have to forget Jovane Cabral and move on”


The coach of Real ValladolidJose Rojo’packet‘, He pointed out this Saturday, in a press conference, that he wants to have Jovan Cabral “because he is a player that is easy to use because of his conditions” but, after FIFA rejected his signing, “you have to forget it and move on.”

As he said, “The club did everything in its power to get Cabral here, because his attacking versatility gave him a plus, but FIFA did not give the go-ahead, despite the fact that there are failures unrelated to Real Valladolid, and despite this, the squad is incredible and there are people in the academy who can also enter”.

Regarding the last two players who joined the Blanquivioleta team, Amallah and Hongla, the coach specified that “they are there to compete, because they also come with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, although they are a little less than one hundred percent and , therefore, , it is difficult for them to start as beginners”.

Despite the fact that, after the departure of Guardiola and Weissman, he has only two pure forwards, he warned that “there are alternatives in attack, because Plano and Iván Sánchez can play on the right and on the left; Machís can come out. as a second forward and you can also play Lucas Rosa in attack, or have other base players”.

“I’m in good spirits because I like what I see. All the players are working well and I see them happy, which is something important. And the new players find an atmosphere of euphoria after the victory against Valencia, which also contributes to the fact that this week, Despite so many ups and downs, it is more bearable”, he pointed out.

When asked about Weissman’s departure, ‘Pacheta’ pointed out that “players should be happy and, although no one told him to leave, he had to find happiness and he decided to leave, which is understandable””.

“I can only say thank you to all the players who left, and wish them the best in their new teams. I know what Weissman represents to the fans and even though I knew what was going to happen, I did also, because I act honestly. and with will, and I try to get the most out of everyone until the end”, he expressed.

After reviewing the situation with the latest arrivals, the blanquivioleta coach addressed tomorrow’s game against Real Sociedad “in a stadium that is perfect for playing a good game, against an opponent that already has a lot of automatism and does things which is very good”.

In this sense, he recalled that, last year, “they played against the subsidiary, and this season they are competing against the first team, which is third in the table, because Imanol Alguacil has managed to establish a system that is very criticized in the beginning, but it has shown that it bears good fruit.”

In his opinion, “Real Sociedad has a lot of possession of the ball, dynamic people inside, the arrival of wingers, points that come out of the area and eliminate the opponent and it is difficult to surprise them, so you have to try to be vertical and run much and well”.

Facing this clash, he cannot count on Anuar or Kenedy, who are injured, like Joaquín, who has hamstring discomfort and is out, or Roque Mesa, who has to complete a suspension cycle.

Certainly, about the Canarian central defender, he indicated that “he is a very important player, but there are people who can replace him and who will compete”, with a system that offers the unknown, since the first leg, which ended in success From Valladolid, he played with three center-backs and three centers, although it looks like he won’t be able to do it again at the Reale Arena.

Source: La Verdad


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