Corretja believes that Nadal and Djokovic will continue to expand their record


“Today is very special, we are happy. We have been to many galas. I am very lucky to have been awarded several times, but presenting the Mundo Deportivo Grand Gala with my partner is different, special, but very excited and more very thankful to everyone.” This is how the former tennis player presented himself Alex Corretjain his premiere as presenter of the 75th Mundo Deportivo Grand Gala, and he did it in a very special way, with his partner, the model Martin Klein.

Before starting the event, the double finalist of Roland Garros for Mundo Deportivo analyzed the current situation in the world of tennis after the Serbian Novak Djokovic equaling the record of 22 Grand Slams of Rafael Nadal won the Australian Open 2023.

“The beginning of the tennis season is very interesting. The fact that Djokovic won the 22nd Grand Slam made things very even and what about it is that the sport continues to be in the news and the players give of 100% and that each go as far as possible”, commented Àlex.

“Sooner or later, Djokovic or Nadal will break that record, they are two players with a lot of experience and know very well what it’s like to play big events, who always bring out their best at the right moment and now it’s even harder they also win big events, added the Barcelonan.

Source: La Verdad


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