From the Athletic institution to ‘With the rascals the game goes’


In this era of “lame duck” (a term explained in earlier weaknesses and not really pejorative), an outgoing Elizegi tries to solve in a hurry and runs, like a bad student who saves on exam preparation for at the last minute, important issues such as the Reform of Statutes and the marronazo that leaves the next called Grada de Animación. Major issues such as renewing Iñigo Martínez and calling elections, on the other hand, do not cover or concern him. We will lose the manager or sports director for the next campaign until July on his decision. Very bad.

More than just the inspiration in Eddie Murphy’s comic book film, ode to greed, double standards and the ball. Starring: Geri & Rubi. The former, even providing explanations, makes the moment profitable. Charge a bit as a footballer.

It is true that the information was stolen by the perpetrator, but left them naked, we met them. No one was saved. Either system, or contest, or revenue distribution is nothing but vomiting. Lose who is in the lead and feed them the contest with potatoes. Let the two always be alone, the ones who charge. Oh, and Pique!

Source: La Verdad


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