The RFEF responds to the “lies” of Thebes


The exchange of statements and accusations between the RFEF and LaLiga continues as a result of the words spoken by Luis Rubiales at the Europa Press breakfasts, where he referred to Javier Tebas as “the best ambassador of the Super League”.

The president of the president of LaLiga did not hesitate to respond with a forceful video to the statements of his counterpart. “It never ceases to amaze me that someone wants to give us management lessons when the 1st RFEF is completely destroyed financially, with losses of 40 million,” he explained, adding that “the management of the Copa del Rey is disastrous.”

The RFEF countered Tebas’s statements in a video posted on his Twitter account that lasts about seven minutes. “The combined LaLiga group lost 28 million in three years while the RFEF in the last two generated 65 million euros,” he pointed out.

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“LaLiga’s revenue is down and the CVC’s ‘bang’ is taking away more than 10% of television rights from clubs. Conclusion, less television revenue and poorer clubs,” he added.

Tebas, his video, proves that “UEFA and the Leagues wanted to have someone like me who spoke very loudly and clearly against the Super League. The RFEF president did it in a low voice and occasionally”.

The RFEF responded that “Rubiales is passionately in favor of the football pyramid and against the Super League. You need to talk less and look for solutions. This Liga model is harmful to the pyramidal system. The president of LaLiga is just talking but not making any proposals.

Source: La Verdad


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