Joan Laporta meets Jorge Messi!


After what Leo Messi showed up in Barcelona to have dinner with his friends Busquets and Jordi Albathe Tot Costa de Catalunya Ràdio program announced that Joan Laporta he met Jorge Messifather of current PSG player.

In said meeting, according to the aforementioned information, both spoke about the future of the player, who will end his contract on June 30 and did not renew with the Parisian club, about the tribute still pending since he left Barça and about on controversial statements. through Mathias Messi from a few weeks ago.

so far nothing report and Barça also did not want to close the door on a hypothetical return of Messi to the Barça club. Although on the part of Messi they expressed their doubts, either of the controversial statements of matias or Jorge’s own words last week in Barcelona, ​​​​​​the possibility of Leo returning is always there.

This meeting between Joan Laporta and Jorge Messi will reopen the debate on the return of Messiwhich will also be conditioned by the salary reduction that Barça must carry out next summer and the economic conditions set by the League.

But the first step has already been taken and the meeting in between report and the father of Leo it may be important to restore the bridges between them.

Source: La Verdad


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