Ancelotti, on his future: “I only have to do one thing, win games”


Ancelotti, on his future: “I only have to do one thing, win games”

The Real Madrid coach believes that the age of the footballers should not be decisive in decisions, but in performance, and he is convinced that in today’s football there is “no corruption”

Carlo Ancelotti is not worried about his future as he knows very well what depends on whether he stays at the helm of Real Madrid next season. “I’m pretty calm because I don’t have to renew the contract. I only have to do one thing, win games,” he said in the preview of the game that his team will measure against Atlético de Madrid, which corresponds to the twenty-third matchday of the competition.

“We left the Champions League game with a good feeling and good dynamics. It’s a special game against a team that is in a good stage like us, that comes to fight and try to win,” emphasized the Real Madrid coach about the confrontation with the Cholo group, a coach he admires “I like him as a person because he is very honest in the evaluation he makes of the matches. He has been very successful at Atlético. We must not forget that a large part of Atlético’s success in recent years is due to to a coach who has managed to put mentality in a recognizable team,” said the transalpine, who would like to know more about his counterpart. “I would love to spend time with him because we love football. He has nothing to learn from me. I have never seen how he works and I would like to see, from my personal experience, how he prepares for the day-to-day, the training sessions… I would really like to know how he prepares for the competition of tomorrow. We can share this after the game,” he explained at a relaxed press conference.

Despite Atlético being ten points behind Real Madrid and their aim being to secure a place in the next edition of the Champions League, while the Whites are still in contention for the title, Ancelotti made it clear that there is a lot at stake for both. game is Saturday in Santiago Bernabeu. “A derby is especially for the fans and we have to take that into account. We are used to facing Atlético, but it is always special,” emphasized the Real Madrid coach, defending Gil Manzano, the referee who chose to whistle the game and watched with suspicion from the mattress side. “I don’t know what the refereeing will be like tomorrow, but he is an international referee and highly valued in Europe, he has the experience for this type of competition,” he said.

The referees are in the eye of the hurricane, especially as a result of Barça’s long-standing relationship with Enríquez Negreira, former vice-president of the Referees’ Technical Commission. Despite these dark conspiracies, Ancelotti defended the cleanliness of current football. “I trust that at the moment there is no corruption, neither here nor in Europe. The umpires fail, as every human fails. If they fail, we have to accept that. Sometimes I get angry when they fail, but I am convinced that there is no corruption in football at the moment,” he insisted.

The Real Madrid coach stressed that his team will fight for all the trophies at stake, even if the Champions League is again the great object of lust for whites. “Everyone knows how important the European Cup has been for this club, which has written the history of this club in the world. This does not mean that we are not going to fight for other titles today. We are going to give all the energy we have to trying to win the League as happened last year we’re going to fight for all the leagues that we have in front of us whether it’s the League where we’re at a disadvantage and it’s going to be more complicated that’s the Champions League where we have a little benefit,” he emphasized.

He stopped at the figure of Nacho, whose future still hangs in the air despite the exceptional performance of the defender from Alcalá. “I see it very well. About next year I don’t know, it has to happen that we are both here. I hope so, I would like to see him in Valdebebas, in the Bernabéu and not on TV,” he said of a defender who has been through difficult months. “He has had moments when he was not happy. He has not complained to me, he has been professional and at the moment I needed him he was there I understand your discomfort but I only have one weakness: Real Madrid are happy and Real Madrid are only happy when we win the games I feel sorry with my players, because I love them all and if I don’t see them well I suffer too, but I have the weakness, that I just want Real Madrid to be happy,” he analyzed.

He referred to the issue of the age of the footballers, especially hot after Sergio Ramos parted ways with the Spanish team after learning that Luis de la Fuente was not counting on him. “The theme of age is like that of youth. If a player sticks to it, you don’t have to look at the passport,” says Ancelotti, who believes the only thing a coach needs to evaluate is “what happens on the field every day.” “Age, good or bad , never has to be something to make a decision,” said the Italian, who used the newspaper library to defend his commitment to young people when work and quality earn them a place in the elite. “Sometimes they tell me that I don’t use the quarry. Someone forgets that at the beginning of my career I was a goalkeeper who was 17 years old, who was Buffon. And I did it because Buffon was better than others. The 39-year-old player Paolo Maldini, who played once a week trained, won the Champions League. Why did he play? Because it was better than others,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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