French centre-back Le Normand agrees with La Roja


The defense of the Real Sociedad starts the procedures for obtaining Spanish nationality, which can be obtained through a naturalization letter

Robin Le Normand, French central defender of Real Sociedad, has decided to say yes to the possibility of playing at La Roja and has already started the procedures to obtain Spanish nationality. The day after Sergio Ramos retired from the national team, after closing the door to Sevilla’s Luis de la Fuente, it was revealed that Le Normand wants to become Spanish as soon as possible to defend the national team.

The royalist player would in any case retain dual nationality, although after Didier Deschamps did without him for the World Cup and received the call-up from the Spanish federation, he opted for Spain instead of his native country with which he has never been international. Le Normand will be able to become a Spanish citizen through a naturalization letter, as happened before with his compatriot Ayméric Laporte – with whom he would soon form a pair of central defenders in the national team – and also with Ansu Fati .

Once Le Normand acquires Spanish nationality, he will be eligible for Luis de la Fuente, who will announce his first call-up next month after Luis Enrique’s departure. The Real defender arrived in Spain in 2016 and he would have to enter the country for another three years to obtain nationality through the normal route, but thanks to his naturalization letter, he was able to reach his goal within weeks. The letter of nature is granted by decree to athletes deemed worthy to successfully defend Spain, as has happened in basketball in the case of Nikola Mirotic, Serge Ibaka and most recently Lorenzo Brown.

Now without Sergio Ramos, Le Normand represents an important reinforcement for the team, with a shortage of troops in the center of the rear, as the only one who has the guaranteed position is Laporte, while others, such as Pau Torres, Iñigo Martínez, Nacho or Hugo Guillamón, among others, aspires to a position that midfielder Rodrigo Hernández held during the World Cup. Luis Enrique bet on the Manchester City footballer for the rearguard ashes in the Qatar Championship after previously unsuccessfully pressing Eric García.

Source: La Verdad


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