The keys to Portimao’s career


1. The warm up tomorrow morning.

After conducting four training sessions in the rain or on wet asphalt, the 20 -minute free practice open before the race is the only opportunity technicians will need to prepare the bikes for a race that is expected to be dry. Last year’s data should be the basis on which to start.

2. Trust is Mir.

Ever since she stepped into the circuit, Joan has repeated “here we will do it right”, and for someone who isn’t exactly characterized by nonsense, she needs to be sure of it. At the moment he has achieved his best training classification since he was in MotoGP. If nothing “abnormal” happens, his rivals will have to run a lot tomorrow to prevent him from adding his second victory in the category. A victory that, in Mir’s own words, was obsessed with him.

3. The departure of Quartararo and Marc Márquez.

The yellow flag when they arrived at their respective fastest laps caused them to start from the fifth and seventh positions on the grid, that is, from the second and third rows of the starting grid. Their respective starts will be important to be hooked on the front end of the race, especially in the case of the French rider, due to the lack of performance of his Yamaha engine.

4. The “reorganization” of the race.

The change of circumstances that occurred in the grid adjustment session meant that in this session some drivers were positioned where they should not be according to the speed of their races. In the first third, it must be ordered. How long before those left behind position themselves will be decisive for their aspirations and in the final classification.

5. Alex Marquez.

Finally, a joy for Álex Márquez, who suffered badly at the start of the season. Tomorrow he will line up on the grid in the best position since he was in MotoGP. If in the warm up your team sees that the set-up is good, you can contact the top group. It’s important that you stay within your limits in the first third of the career.

Source: La Verdad


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