Monchi showed his face: “If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a coward”


Sevilla’s general sporting director, Monchi, He showed his face this Tuesday in an interview with the club’s media where he strengthened the figure of Jorge Sampaoli and he has already removed that he thought of resigning in front of the criticism he is suffering from Sevilla fans because of his wrong planning this season.

“Like Jorge (Sampaoli), like the players, we ask him if he is fully convinced of this transfer and he is, giving us full confidence that he will bring out the best version of each of the playersand I am convinced that he will achieve it”, said the man from San Fernando on the club’s official television, where he assured that he was emotionally strong although he admitted that he was struggling.

“I’m close to the locker room and they need to see me strong, it’s my obligation to get up. Today we had an interesting conversation. I spoke with the intention of raising spirits. There are very important players in that conversation, world champions, and we need to recover the best individual and group levels. The solution is going through the union, telling us things, recognizing mistakes, but looking for solutions. because Most of the fault is mine but the solution is in the players, is what I sent. We all have doubts about work today, I am the first, but we need to recover the sensations of ten months ago. There are Europa League champions, very important players. We all need a group to help them recover individual and group sensations”, explained the manager from Cádiz.

Monchi, likewise, has banned throwing in the towel despite the criticism it has received. “The easy thing is to run away, but I didn’t think about it at any time because I didn’t think it was the moment. If I had only known that the solution was to leave, I would have left yesterday, not today, or a month ago. If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a coward”, added the sports director, who added: “If I say that I jumped from the Pelli Tower, there will always be people who say that it’s better that I Jump from Quincentennial Bridge”.

“I’ve been in the locker room for many years and when one doesn’t work, it can be in the heart, in the leg or in the head, I think the problem is in the head. The meeting is with everyone, not the players, the whole group, with the props, doctors,” he pointed out.

Source: La Verdad


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