Congress supports Catalan candidacies for the World Athletics and Canoeing Championships


The Committee on Culture and Sport of Congress approved this Thursday a non-law proposal to The General State Administration supports the candidacies for the 2027 and 2029 world athletics championships in Barcelona and 2027 canoeing in La Seu and Sort (Lleida).

The initiative was defended by the Republican deputy Gerard Álvarez and continued with 30 votes in favor, no opposition and 6 abstentions like Vox, which conditioned its support on the introduction of an amendment to also promote the headquarters for Spain of a sprint canoeing World Cup.

The Republican group did not accept this request and ensured that Barcelona “meets the necessary and ideal conditions to host an event such as the World Athletics Championships”, as Catalonia “has the great privilege of having suitable that municipality for sports like La Seu and Qualifying for the Canoeing World Cup”.

“Barcelona is ambitious and has the right to dream of sporting events of universal impact where it can regain its rightful place in the calendar. Ours is the initiative in the city council to carry out this candidacy and now is the time for it’s up to them to fulfill it in Madrid,” he said.

The Socialist group supported the initiative after the agreement for the inclusion of an amendment that, according to Marc Lamuá, “results in what the Higher Sports Council has declared and “supports our sport at the highest level”. and of prestige in our territory and Spain can be a power of the first order”, he added.

The famous speaker José Alberto Herrero announced his vote in favor “for consistency and because what is important is the economic, sports and social development of all parts of our country”, although he considered that the proposal is “an inconsistency”.

“Not because of what is demanded, but because of who and what is claimed. Esquerra is asking for the government’s support for a part of the Spanish territory, Catalonia. But what are we left with? Do they want the state yes or no? Or do They just want everyone’s taxes to pay for their events? They would have done the same with the candidacy for the 2030 Winter Games between Aragon and Catalonia, although you took advantage of the government’s weakness to make it fun “, he claimed.

The commission debated and also approved another illegal proposal on sport as a rehabilitative element in prisons, presented by the Socialist group and defended by the deputy Juan Luis Soto, with 18 votes in favor, 5 against and 13 abstentions .

Source: La Verdad


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