Marko: “Ferrari is the most powerful machine”


After the Bahrain Grand Prix, many drivers and teams began to make their own predictions for the 2023 season. Many of them point to an absolute victory of Rev. Bullbut the team wants to be cautious.

Your advisor, Hemult Markohas revealed internal data indicating that Red Bull does not yet have the most powerful engine in current Formula 1. “We do not have exact figures for the power units, but based on various comparisons and (internal) information, we assume that Ferrari This is the most powerful engine. Then came the Honda, and then the Mercedes was more or less up to par. Renault is behind,” Marko explained to ‘’.

The first race of the year allows for comparisons of top speed and progress on the straights, and that’s why marco believe that Ferrari will be a strong threat to Arabianwhere straight lines dominate at high speeds and good asphalt, “it’s not a cheese grater like in Bahrain.”

however, marco also expected to take a step up in quality. “I stay with Ferrari and Mercedes, they will work on their weaknesses. In Ferrari, the top speed has improved a lot, but the tire wear, which is important, has not improved at all, I would say almost worse than us. For Mercedes the start was as bumpy as last year, the only thing is that I don’t think there is a solution they can bring in a hurry.”

In addition, the technical advisor of red bull He also excluded, in an interview with ‘’, Mercedes in the title fight. “Not one problem, but several. The solution didn’t come over winter either. To be honest: I’m not disappointed, I’m more surprised because their options are limited. You can’t design two or three vehicles. If the a completely new car appears today, then the financial limitations will make it difficult. And this new car will not be competitive immediately either, it still needs to be developed further. In this sense, I think it is realistic to say that the world title is out of reach of Mercedes”.

Source: La Verdad


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