Europa League draw, live | Follow the quarterfinal crosses, live


12:41ITALY, DOMINANT COUNTRY | The transalpine country has the most representatives in
Europe at this point. Two teams were presented in this quarterfinal draw:
Juventus and Roma. In addition, it has 3 representatives in
League (
Milan, Inter and Napoli) and another in
League (

Spainonly have the
Seville in this raffle, and including
real Madrid in

12:35 p.mDRAW KEY | The draw will be open and pure, so no seeding and
clubs from the same country can cross. The hypothetical path to the end of the season will also be determined.
Budapest which will be held on May 31 at the stadium
Puskas Arena

12:30 p.m📺
SCHEDULE AND WHERE TO MEET | The draw for the 2022/23 UEFA Europa League quarter-finals is celebrated this Friday
March 17. The contest will take place on
(Swiss)where is he
Seville It is the only representative of Spanish football.

The event will be visible
of the Movistar Champions League (56), and by
come on (8 and 50) channel of
Movistar Plus platform. In addition, you can follow all the information about the contest
live on the Mundo Deportivo website.

12:25 p.m🗞 | These are Sevilla’s possible opponents in today’s draw

Only one Spanish team, the
Sevillewill enter this Friday in the draw for
european league after yesterday
Legs and
Real society was previously deleted
united. The Andalusians fought back, the king team of the tournament with six titles to their credit
Fenerbahçe and this afternoon they will know their way to the final on May 31 at
Puskas Arena of

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12:15 p.mEUROPA LEAGUE DRAW, LIVE | Welcome to the live broadcast of
World of sports of the draw for the quarterfinals of the Europa League 2022/23.

1:00 p.m The draw will take place with the eight best teams remaining in the competition. From now until then, we will count down all the last hours and the news of what will happen to

Final destination…
Budapest! Let’s get started!

Source: La Verdad


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