Granada confirmed his candidacy for promotion


He pomegranate this Saturday confirmed that he is a serious candidate for direct promotion by winning Albacete (1-2) with goals from uzuni in the first part and Ricard in the second.

The team of the top scorer (Granada) in the category and the second best scorer with Alavés was measured in a rivalry between the applicants for a place in First next season.

The first bars of the clash produced many dangerous approaches from the Nasrid team, which had to take the ball on the line olaetxea in a play where the goal Barnabasreturning to the goal after serving a suspension, stopped his teammate’s rebound.

He pomegranate accumulated most of the ball possession in the first twenty minutes, played, mostly, in midfield defended by unknown Albacete who, in the 25th minute, came close to conceding the first goal.

Uzuni, top scorer in the silver division of Spanish football, He finished off a counterattack with a volley that looked to beat Bernabé high and failed as his shot rose so high that it hit the net over the crossbar.

The first time, no, but the second time it was the charm. A dizzying counterattack ordered by Alleywho put the ball behind the white defense at Ricardallowed the Catalan side to put in an accurate cross uzuni he sent the bottom of the tights with a gentle touch on his right leg (minute 29).

The blow made the La Mancha squad react. A deep pass from Fran Álvarez to Higinio put the white striker on a tray to tackle Raul Fernandezalthough when he turned he had to look for a forced shot that the rojiblanco goalkeeper struggled with (min.33).

That action, a couple of arrivals of Foster on the left and a few corner kicks were the meager offensive baggage of the home team, who were completely overwhelmed by the visitor in the first period.

In the second, it was possible to see an eleven from Albacete more predisposed to create the game, although the second almost conceded a mistake in Bernabé’s clearance that they did not take advantage of. Weissman saidseven minutes after the restart.

A minute later, in the 54th minute of the game, the second goal came on another counterattack that ended at the foot of Ricardo Sanchez, assistant to the first goal, and whoever scores the second from a cross shot, loses Barnabas for low.

Albacete seemed to be knocked down until he appeared Manu Foster to come out of the sleeve of a pass between the lines that hyginus He took the opportunity to beat Raúl Fernández with a low shot and add emotion to the match (minute 64).

From that moment, the face of the coin changed and the local team began to dominate the ball, forcing the students of paco lopez to gather in lines to defend themselves against the constant attacks of the white.

The changes of Ruben Albes They tried to spark the match, but Albacete lacked depth when they appeared in the Andalusian area.

However, in the 83rd minute he enjoyed a good chance after a rehearsed move on a free kick which riki kicked from the edge of the area and forced Raul Fernandez to clear the fists to avoid the goal of Albacete.

With the Albacete reversed and the pomegranate the defense ended a game in which olaetxea The equalizer was on his head, in the 94th minute, but his header went wide and with it the hope of scoring for the white team.




Albacete: Bernabé, Álvaro (Carlos Isaac, min.74), Boyomo, Glauder (Juanma, min.62), Julio Alonso, Duba (Escriche, min.74), Olaetxea, Riki, Fran Álvarez (Ros, min. 55), Fuster and Hyginus.

pomegranate: Raúl Fernández, Ricard, Víctor Díaz (Miguel Rubio, min.58), Ignasi Miquel, Neva, Callejón (Perea, min.58), Bodiger, Pol Lozano, Melendo (Puertas, min.70), Weissman (Diedhiou, min. 70 ) and Uzuni (Petrovic, min.78)

The objectives: 0-1, m.29: Uzuni. 0-2, m.54: Ricard Sánchez. 1-2, m.64: Hyginus.

Busquets Ferrer (Balearic Committee). He showed yellow cards to locals Riki and Fuster, and visitors Bodiger, Miguel Rubio, Uzuni, Ignasi Miquel and Pol Lozano.

Incidents: The match equivalent to thirty-two days was played at the Carlos Belmonte stadium with the presence of 14,448 spectators.

see the match sheet

Source: La Verdad


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