Alonso’s incredible save midway through Q3 in Saudi Arabia


Fernando Alonso will start second in the 2023 F1 Saudi Arabian GP after an excellent qualifying in which the driver from Oviedo managed to make the most of an excellent Aston Martin AMR23. He set the third fastest time in Q3, behind Pérez (pole) and Leclerc, but will start second to take advantage of the penalty the Monegasque has for Sunday’s grid. Square that Oviedo dreamed of that could have gone to nothing if not for his reflexes.

In the middle of the first lap attempt launched at the decisive moment of qualifying, in Q3, the Asturian driver will go all out to go for the long-awaited pole position. The man from Oviedo needs to place first half in the classification table to go to the second turn. But Alonso doesn’t want to admit it. He went all the way out, touching the walls like there was no tomorrow, without leaving even a centimeter. And when he hits the final curve, with a knife between his teeth, that could cost him dearly.

Fernando Alonso was pulled over and scared at that point. He literally tapped the advertising wall outside with his right front tire. The Spanish half’s heart sank, but Fernando managed to save the situation with the traction to give gas and set his first chance in Q3. Far from shaking his wrist, the Spaniard then thoughtlessly for his second lap, improved his time as if nothing had happened.

Alonso knows how to recover from that scare and another situation he experienced in Q1, at the start of qualifying. Aston Martin waited a long time to start, until the end, and with 8 minutes remaining, on his preparation lap, he experienced his car spin. Luckily for him, he was able to avoid the walls and his tires didn’t go flat. He didn’t panic and on the next lap he attacked and was able to pass in Q2.

Source: La Verdad


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