Racing de Ferrol puts pressure on Castilla


Racing de Ferrol puts pressure on Castilla

He Ferrol Racing won this Saturday at Lightning of Majadahonda (4-1) in In Malata, which reached its best entrance of the season with more than 5,000 spectators, and thanks to that success it was able to temporarily place itself second in the table of the first group of First Federation (52 points). The Galicians put pressure on game (3rd), with 51 points and at Castile (4th), with 49. The leader is the alcorcon there are 53.

The merengue subsidiary of Raul Gonzalez with the goal of adding an eighth home course victory, this Sunday receives the AD Merida (11th), from 12:00 (Real Madrid TV) within Alfredo Di Stefanowhile the people of A Coruña will visit the Leonese Culture and Sportstenth in the table (5:00 pm).

He Ferrol Racing he had to come back from the goal scored by the former racing uista David Rodriguez in minute 25, who did not celebrate before what his fans. Before the break, the Galicians restored the score with a penalty from Heber Pena (30′) and another at charles vincent (40′). At the beginning of the second half, the Ferrol team sealed their victory with two new goals from Luis Chacon (53′) and charles vincent (59′).

Source: La Verdad


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