Sainz: “This is the harsh truth”


Sainz: “This is the harsh truth”

Carlos Sainz finished 6th in the 2023 Formula 1 Saudi Arabian GPjust ahead of his partner charles leclerc, which is the 7th after starting on the 12th. The Madrid rider started in 4th and wanted to qualify for the podium, but the speed of Ferrari is less than Aston Martin and in of Mercedes. Besides, Carlos Sainz he stopped early to ‘overcut’ the take a walk, who had stopped earlier, and two laps later a ‘Safety Car’ came out which allowed his direct rivals to stop for free. It hurt him, but Sainz did not believe it would change much as he highlighted his Ferrari’s slower pace and greater wear and tear, points the red team must improve and many to aim to contend with those in green and those with a star and approach to Red bull.

“This is an endurance race. Overall, a weekend suffered. Not because there are many others. The truth is that we were a little surprised by the speed of Aston Martin and Mercedes. In the last stint they were obviously faster than us and they got away from us. This is the harsh truth. They are a small step ahead, especially in the speed of the race, especially in the second part of the stints (batch). We have already seen how Hamilton got away with the medium rubber. We degrade too much, we use the tire too much and in the end it’s too complicated for the race. But I have to say that after Friday, above all, we expect a little more”Carlos Sainz commented on ‘DAZN F1’.

“We have to keep working, it is clear that we don’t have what we want. It was a tough race for the team. The speed of those ahead compared to Charles and I, they were obviously one step ahead. You have to put your head down, but don’t put your arms down, keep working. There are long years ahead and I think we can improve this carwhich I think right now in the race is not the fastest”, he added, noting the slower pace of his car compared to his opponents.

“For me, I would have continued because we were going faster,” he said of stopping just after Lance Stroll had gained a position with respect to the Canadian. “But we had to secure the position with him and they stopped me. In the end a ‘Safety’ came out which benefited Mercedes. But in the end, if you look at the way Mercedes, Aston Martins and us are doing, I don’t think it will change the movie. You have to keep working at race pace and better races will surely come”, he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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