Offsides are also gradual


Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea He was not the star in his third Clásico, the first in LaLiga after two in the Spanish Super Cup. However, despite his excellent work, he was also overlooked as the cameras watched him around the 80th minute. The 37-year-old Basque referee, with the approval of his assistant, conceded the goal for Asensio means 1-2, but La Rioja’s VAR Cesar Soto Degree he appreciated a millimeter offside from the Balearic Islands and overruled it. This is the controversial game, but there is no discussion: VAR came for this kind of action, not only for offsides half a meter. That’s what the human eye is for. Barça then scored 1-2. A review of his arbitration indicates that he did not influence the outcome.

Raphinha missing before Madrid’s 0-1 draw (8′)

There were no TV replays, although Xavi complained. Even if there was an offence, too much happened in a game with attacks and clearances for VAR to step back and disallow the goal.

Yellow awarded to Sergi Roberto (15′)

Heavy foul on Nacho, albeit unintentionally and his foot shrunk to the grass, arriving too late for the split ball. Ancelotti asked for it. He then saw one for holding Modric (64′), but it couldn’t be interpreted as having been the second because he would never have done that with a warning.

Yellow ‘orange’ to Nacho (17′)

Nacho enters Araujo from behind and stomps on his heel. De Burgos showed him a yellow. Everything is fine. However, replays revealed that the action may have been more deserved for its dangerousness.

Yellow awarded to Lewandowski (30′)

Protecting the ball, he stepped on Kroos trying to anticipate. De Burgos, who also did not whistle for a foul, made a mistake.

Yellow card for Raphinha (33′)

Coming in from behind to Kroos, who has already released the ball.

Nacho’s foul was not whistled (41′)

He clearly blocked Raphinha with his arm on the baseline. Some asked for a second yellow, but it was too much.

Free kick from Gavi to Carvajal (56′)

The madridista complained of a blow to the face. And there is, but it can’t be avoided that his face is attached to the side of his arm.

Yellow to Sergi Roberto (64′)

Tactical grip on Modric.

Yellow joust for Modric (69′)

Gavi is tripping after a dangerous loss.

Asensio goal disallowed (80′)

The VAR gave the lines and discovered it. It’s millimetric, but it’s offside. De Burgos agreed. It is impossible to appreciate it without the help of cameras.

Yellow joust to Bucket (89′)

He held Asensio to stop the advance on superiority.

Yellow cards for Ansu Fati and Ceballos (96′)

They pushed and held for the ultimate tension

Source: La Verdad


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