“I will not pay a stupid price for United or I will regret it”


The British Billionaire Jim Ratcliffe has made it clear that it will not pay a “stupid” price for Manchester Utd. Ratcliffe, a lifelong United fan, founder of chemical producer INEOS and one of two candidates to stay at the club, made an offer for the club in February.

United’s current owners, the Glazer family, began exploring options for United’s record-holding Premier League title holder (20), including new investment or a possible sale, in November, 17 years after they bought the club. at a cost of 790 million pounds ( 968 million euros).

Any sale of Manchester United would likely top the biggest deal in sports: $5.2bn, including debt and investments paid by Chelsea, according to several sources.

In an interview with the ‘Wall Street Journal’, Ratcliffe described the club as a “community asset” rather than a financial one. “How do you price a painting? How do you value a house? It’s not related to how much it cost to build or how much it cost to paint,” Ratcliffe said. He added: “What you don’t want to do is pay stupid prices for things because you’ll regret it later.”

Source: La Verdad


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