Griezmann, the happiest birthday


Antoine Griezmann He will be 32 today, March 21. An anniversary he celebrates exclusively with the French team and that comes in the best sporting moment the Frenchman has experienced in recent years, added to a personal state of happiness, something that he longed for on his return to Atletico Madrid.

Griezmann is, for many, the most decisive player in LaLiga at the moment. He said this Michael, Girona coach, before receiving the rojiblancos in Montilivi. Many analysts say this. And so do MD readers, through a survey that asked this question and in which nearly 98% of those surveyed answered in the affirmative.

The numbers speak for themselves. Add nine goals and eight assists in the championship. Ten and eleven, respectively, in all competitions, reaching ‘double figures’. But more than that, there is his impact on the game and the sensations he sends every time he steps on the pitch.

Atlético moves in their attacking tone, without forgetting the defensive sacrifice they show in every match, regardless of the minute and the result. Create chances, launch attacks, set the tempo of the match… A luxury that mattress fans will enjoy at every game.

And to a large extent it is thanks to Griezmann himself, that He put all his efforts to return, a year and a half ago, to the Metropolitan. He was not completely comfortable after two years at Barcelona and when the possibility of a return increased, he did not hesitate. He was even one of those who put in the most ways to make this possible.

It wasn’t easy, and neither was maintaining contact with a crowd that adored him and didn’t easily forgive what he considered a transgression when he left for Barcelona. I told you so. And he accepted it. He lowered his ears, knowing that only with work, commitment and performance, he could turn the situation around.

And after months, you can tell very strongly that you have reached it. He delivered the Metropolitan and all you have to do is see his smile on the pitch and how he says goodbye to the fans after every game to see that he is happy. You are where you want to be. And that shows. “It’s like my house. I’m enjoying it a lot and I just want to thank all the love they are giving me”, said the Frenchman in January. His performance has continued to be outstanding since then.

to continue making history

And want more. Because there are 12 days left to finish the league championship. 12 games in which to continue to enjoy and entertain the crowd with the aim of finishing as Atlético de Madrid as possible. In addition, he wants to continue writing his history in rojiblanco, which will also be in the club.

Because Griezmann is the 24th player with the most games in the history of the mattress entity (329), the same as Raúl García, and one for Escudero. If nothing unusual happens, he will end up in the top-20, beating Filipe Luis (333) and Juanjo Rubio (335).

This is his seventh season at Atlético, where he has scored 151 goals. He is the fourth highest scorer in history, and only has the most, the historic Luis Aragonés, 23 goals away. Adrián Escudero managed 168 and Campos 153, so he is only two goals away from reaching the podium.

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