Conte, caught in a Ryanair flight!


Conte, caught in a Ryanair flight!

Anthony Conte was caught flying towards Italy takes advantage of international break days to relax with family in his home country. So far, everything is normal. What is surprising is that Tottenham’s Italian coach did it on a flight ryanair!

The coach was captured by a traveler who captured the photo during a flight to Italy and the photo (produced by ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’) has since gone viral. It is still surprising that a professional of this caliber, with the impressive salary he should have, decides to fly with a ‘low cost’ company. But it has been.

By threading the needle it must be said that Conte’s situation is more than delicate. Many media in England have already assumed that in the coming days he will be fired as a result, above all, of his strong criticism of the club and the squad after the draw against Southampton (3-3). It has also recently been said that he wants to train in Italy, so it is not unreasonable that Serie A is his next destination.

Source: La Verdad


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