A ‘betrayal’ that Griezmann did not expect from Deschamps: “He was disappointed”


Antoine Griezmann He was at his best in years. The footballer of Atletico Madrid He will be 32 this March 21 and received the worst possible gift from Didier DeschampsFrench coach.

The person in charge ofLes Bleus‘ announced the choice of Kylian Mbappe, as the next captain of the French team after the retirement of Hugo Lloris. Didier DeschampsIt argued that “Kylian meets all the requirements for this responsibility. In a field like group life, it is a unifying element”.

However, the decision of Deschamps brought the dream of Antoine Griezmannwho is another good candidate for the position and who should be the first choice if the order of seniority is respected (he has 117 caps).

Although the rojiblanco player was chosen as ‘vice-captain’, wait, second captain, the truth is that within the French team he did not fall in the best way, especially among the players with the most appearances in the national team.

Antoine Griezmann who was logically expected to receive the bracelet after his performances with the ‘Blues’ for nearly ten years, felt betrayed according to various media such as ‘Le Figaro’, ‘Yahoo Actualités‘, ’90Mins’ either ‘Sport Orange’. To an extent that the player of Atletico Madrid he will think about what direction he should take in his relationship with the national team. Already 32 years old, in France there is open talk that he could even leave the national team in the coming months.

A few weeks after losing three of its top representatives, with international casualties of Hugo Lloris, Raphael Varane and Steve Mandandain France They refer to the mattress maker as one of those who can stand aside, something that, on the other hand, is hard to believe. Some media exclude this option, but others leave that door open.

According to le figarodreamed of wearing the bracelet on eurocup 2024 scheduled to Germany. “He is disappointed,” said the aforementioned medium.


For many years, the player of Atletico Madrid He became one of the most important players Deschamps, has been the bearer of his decisions on the field and does not hesitate to sacrifice himself during competitions. This is a huge proof Qatar World Cup what he did, delaying his position, sacrificing himself to show off the attack, to help create, to build.

Never a bad word from the player Athleticalways adding positive, to find himself in a decision that hurt both the active player in the national team with the most caps and the third leading scorer in the history of France.

Source: La Verdad


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