Madrid won the ‘reinforcements’ at the break


Madrid won the ‘reinforcements’ at the break

He real Madrid returned to work this Wednesday after last Sunday he lost to Barcelona (2-1) and almost said goodbye The league and he does it without the internationals but with many first swords.

And it is that the World Cup in Qatar has caused confusion in some teams and that some football players who have been regular in their teams in recent times like Benzema, Hazard either Rudiger, stay in Madrid for different reasons. The main one, in the case of the Belgian and French, is the departure of the national team.

Something he had done before Toni Kroos and that, along with Marco Asensiothe quota of talented soccer players will be closed valdebebas Starting tomorrow at 11:00 am

However, it is expected that the physical work will not be too demanding and the tactical work will be, although not losing the rhythm of the competition in the face of the challenges of cup and Champions that they came As the weekend approached, the first no League in the long run, it is possible ancelotti Give your players a day off that some may take advantage of to escape.

Source: La Verdad


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