Cristiano: “I saw myself in situations I had never seen before”


Cristiano Ronaldo opened up before the media on his return to Portugal national team. striker of Saudi Al-Nassr will break the record against Liechtenstein and will be the player with the most caps in the history of the Portuguese team, which he will also be debut of Roberto Martínez as the new Portuguese coach.

CR7 admitted that this had happened Difficulties after being relegated to the substitution during the last World Cup, however, Bob Martínez’s call filled him with enthusiasm.

“I feel good. This is my home. We had time to think. I’ve had a hard time and don’t want to throw in the towel. I saw the situations of Cristiano that I had not seen before. I’m happy because the coach is counting on me. He talked to all the players and me as well. I still have the desire to take Portugal to the top. Whenever the coach wants to count on me, I will be available”, insisted Cristiano, stressing that there is a good atmosphere in the Portugal team in this new phase that is starting.

“I am very happy, the atmosphere is wonderful. Everyone is different. The energies are good, positive. We have a coach with different ideas, with a different mentality. The atmosphere was good then, but now it’s colder. I’m not saying it’s better or worse, but it’s new. We only trained once, but all the players have different energy. For example: everyone expects to be a starter tomorrow, before sometimes it’s not like that,” he said.

“I am very happy to return, to help Portugal. My role in the national team for 15 years has always been the same. My motivation is full. I’m here like it’s my first time. After 20 years, it was not easy to be here. I always want to give my best and leave Portufal at the top”, added CR7.

Cristiano praises Roberto Martínez

Cristiano Ronaldo mentions Roberto Martínez and reviewed the arrival of the Spanish coach in the Portuguese team. “Spain is a culture where I know a lot, I have friends there. I know. The coach has a different energy, a different aura. With the changes in life Portugal needs and needs it. He is a coach with a different mentality. It’s a breath of fresh air. Portugal will be a team with more attack”.

Cristiano, 38, also commented on other issues, such as whether or not he will reach the next eurocup or the world. “I go step by step, I don’t think in the long term. I try to help the younger players, there is a mixed environment. There are also people between 26 and 29, the group is well balanced. All the players are waiting to do things properly”.

Soccer Saudi Arabia. “I was surprised for good. Foreign players have different characteristics. Five, six or seven years from now, it will be the fourth or fifth most competitive league in the world if they continue with the same plan. I’m playing, I have a minute”.

Rivalry for ownership. “Gonçalo Ramos is having a great season, but for the national team it is always good to have competition.”

Second spell at United. “Everything that happens in life has a reason. I don’t have time to regret. Life goes on. Let’s try to learn.”

Source: La Verdad


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