Covid increases the risk of injury and recovery time


A thorough study held in Italy by the Italian Federation of Sports Medicine in collaboration with 15 out of 20 teams in Serie A proving the influence of Covid in frequency of injuries and in Recovery time of injured players.

As reported La Gazzetta dello Sportthe end of the study, which was conducted using data from the period 2020-21 and to the knowledge of the players, which is guaranteed to be the strictest confidentialitythe numbers clarify for the first time what was a suspicion: that the players who tested positive were running a 36% higher risk of injury that others and his the recovery time is 86% higher to footballers who did not suffer contagion.

The hypothesis The authors of the study argued that Covid changed the absorption of oxygen through the muscle, it weakens and it increases frailty.

On the other hand, the study allows us to conclude that the isolation of the 14 days dictated for players who tested positive for Covid also contributed increase your damage count. In this case, the reason is that, due to competitive demands, his return to training was not carried out with due observation progressive retraining in intense physical work, which in many cases leads to new muscle injuries.

Source: La Verdad


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