Mapi gives the caviar and Jana the emotion in another great party at the Estadi


He SpotifyCamp Nou It was once again a party on the occasion of a match for the women’s first team, which already has six, five with an audience, and is on its way to making the strange the norm, especially in big games like this Wednesday. As in any self-respecting party, there is a musical setting, with common songs and known by the loyal team. Giraldezthere was emotion, with Jana Fernández’s debut at the Camp Nou after a long and serious injury that kept him out of the first four, and they even allowed themselves the luxury of caviar on the menu, at the hands of Mapi Leon and his great goal that blew up the stands.

The 55,667 viewers attended the Camp Nou Spotify yesterday They registered the third best score in the history of the women’s game at the Estadi after the record 91,649 against Wolfsburg and the 91,553 who watched Barça-Madrid live, both from the Champions League final.

They came gradually and until the middle of the first half they did not fully see the appearance in the first two stands of the Barça stadium. They came in time, yes, to see the great goal where map join the party The Aragonese is a subscriber to flagging goals at the Camp Nou, he already got one against Real Madrid, and yesterday he put the public in his pocket, more, and received the heat of the stands after being replaced by Jana and the pitch had to leave opposite the banks. Walk on the band. “I want to go to the entrance Jannabut well, I walked on the field and I felt surprised, amazed and a little bad because people were applauding me and I wasn’t watching the game ”.

JannaFor his part, he acknowledged after the clash, smiling from ear to ear, that “the thorn of making his debut at the Camp Nou was removed”. The next appointment for the blaugrana and their audience indicates that it will be on Friday, April 28, as the men receive Betis on Sunday the 30th, in the second leg of the semifinals against Lyon or Chelsea.

Sergi Roberto, in the box

Among the 55,667 spectators on Wednesday was the second captain of the men’s team, Sergi Roberto, who came to support the team in a very special match.

Source: La Verdad


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