The World Boxing Council warns against the use of fentanyl, “a highly lethal drug”


The World Boxing Council warns against the use of fentanyl, “a highly lethal drug”

The potency and effects of fentanyl are so easy that it can lead to rapid addiction, compared to heroin which provides a longer, but less immediate high.

Legal fentanyl is a narcotic used as an analgesic and anesthetic commonly used as a controlled-use drug to treat patients with acute pain, chronic pain or to help patients with certain diseases such as cancer. In its prescription form, fentanyl is given as an injection, as a patch placed on the skin, or as a pill.

However, fentanyl produced illegally is often mixed with heroin or cocaine making it more lethal. Also called ‘Murder 8’, it is distributed clandestinely in powder form, in eye drop containers, nasal sprays or pills that mimic other prescription opioids.

Fentanyl acts, like heroin, on the parts of the brain that control pain and emotion, therefore, when consumed repeatedly, the brain ends up adapting by decreasing sensitivity to the drug, so the consumer is rapidly increasing the dose.

Some of the side effects caused by the consumption of fentanyl are:

Drowsiness, nausea and dizziness, confusion, shortness of breath, loss of consciousness, dry skin, or severe decrease in blood flow

It is important to remember that like any other opioid, fentanyl acts on the parts of the brain that control the rate of breathing, which is why many users die from respiratory arrest.

Today, this drug is one of the most sought after because it promises a pleasant effect in a short time, but above all because it is cheaper, because it is relatively simple, because as we have already mentioned it is can be mixed with other drugs such as heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines, making them stronger, but also more deadly, causing millions of deaths, especially in USA.

Source: La Verdad


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