Messi again (sorry)


The celebration of the World Cup in Argentina It’s so big and hard to imagine what life will be like from now on. Lionel Andres Messiwho at the age of 35 has become a living legend in a country that has undying respect for its most legendary characters.

Up to the auditorium of the gods where the characters are different Carlos Gardel, Che Guevara, Evita Perón and Diego Armando Maradonaall indicate that the life of Messi It will be rare for decades and decades. AND Messi He deserves it, not only for being the best soccer player in history, but also for the humility he suffered in all fields in the world.

A few days ago, it became known Messi I was having dinner at a very famous grill, a restaurant in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires PalermoThousands of people came to the place to worship and honor him. That scene, a true popular madness, a revolution, will repeat itself as long as I live and wherever I go.

The poet of football Marcelo Bielsaexplains on Instagram that Messi deserved everything, because he suffered from not winning, he endured insults because he didn’t win, but he persevered, fought and achieved what he wanted. World Cup. Who compared you? Cristiano Ronaldo they just need to see where one is and where the other is.

He Camp Nou his name was mentioned on Sunday. Who’s on the show? league of kings they say it’s great to hear his name in the stadium, with thousands of people calling for his return. It is difficult to predict whether the Argentine will return or not, but what is clear is to say that he does not have to leave. what a mistake Joan Laporta. What a mistake. A historical mistake.

Argentina’s World Cup party in Buenos Aires was huge. A very emotional show. The Argentines have extended the celebrations and it is not for less. Qatar 2022 is one of the best World Cup with the best final of all time. Argentina, three stars.

You must see these days the official film of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. For free at you can watch ‘Written in the stars’, a wonderful documentary narrated by the Welsh actor Michael Seen. With audio only in English, but with subtitles in 10 languages, including Spanish, images from Qatar 2022 take us back to the football magic that took place in that country of sands and which was attended for the first time by countries from five continents.

In the amazing and wonderful celebration of images, the figure of Messiwhose joy is contrasted with the image of Cristiano Ronaldoleaving and crying in the stadium after the elimination of Portugal.

He Qatar World Cup means everything Messi and for his unconditional followers. Despite the mistake of report, Messiwhich is synonymous with Argentinaas well as the boatand it is his partners and fans, including those who want to see him go, the other beneficiaries of the Argentine’s successes. Messi This is Argentina, but Messi It’s also Barça. Forever and ever.

Source: La Verdad


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