Sancet, at the altars when renewing Athletic


Sancet, at the altars when renewing Athletic

I can’t live with or without you. It’s a bit like how the fan feels after the surprise renewal of Sancet. The joy and relief for his defense through 2032 contrasts with the risk posed by a contract of that length.

Of course, the Navarrese player in a few months, can sign for anyone without leaving a euro at Athletic and just for the step taken he deserves to be recognized.

The surprise on Saturday, after the Getafe tostón, was that we were all caught up in a changed step. The open smile of the Navarrese, microphone in hand, will certainly be different, if he sees it, on the face of the accountant of the Bilbao club as he does the accounts to balance the numbers.

No numbers. No one talks about salary. Not a clause. So, it is difficult to comment on the management. And doubts arose. Will he offer the same to Nico? Will a goalkeeper need to be sold to balance the balance sheet? Does Iñigo have to leave? Got money left over to sign someone?

The important thing is that Sancet has assimilated the new needs. It’s in the spotlight. Now it is strategic, it is the main pillar of the new Athletic. An icon that everyone looks at on the rojiblanco altar.

Source: La Verdad


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