The great ones don’t step on the brakes


Really good things start with MIC. The qualification phase was closed after the first two days of the tournaments and, as usual, the ‘top’ teams, that is, those with excellent youth academies, mostly did not disappoint. Although it is worth saying that this is one of the editions with the most surprises of the tournament.

Not for confusion are the usual ones: Barça, Real Madrid and Espanyol. All these clubs passed more than enough, without giving up any points, in all categories. The Catalans participated in five, with an impeccable performance, while the parrots and meringues, with absolute success, continue the two and one they contested respectively.

But MIC doesn’t just live among the big three Spanish youth academies. Not much less. He Valenciawith the presence of two others, also did not give a point, nothing to do with villarreal and real society, who was surprised at this group stage. Furthermore, the groguets pass as leaders but with a five-point tie with the other two teams, close to being left behind, while the Basques are second, surprised by a cassa who beat them (1-0) and became the leader.

That’s not the only surprise. beyond that there are four other very well-known ones. A loud bell gave the Vic Riuprimer that after losing Manchester Utd in the U-14 category on Wednesday, they also won two more games and passed as leaders. As the Tuttifutbol Academy, that it is better than Tottenham.

But it’s not only Catalan teams that are in the news. In particular, foreign clubs such as Puerto Rican Surfing and Total Football Academy (United States) managed to stay on top wolverhampton and Girona.

This Friday, therefore, the elimination stages will begin. Some will do it for honor, while others for consolation, looking for a place in the finals.

Source: La Verdad


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