Pacheco: “You have to look at the glass as half full”


Fernando Pacheco, Spanish goalkeeper, secured after an insufficient draw against Cádiz this friday at RCDE Stadium (0-0) in a direct rivalry for permanence, that “you have to look at the glass as half full” because it is “very important to leave a clean sheet”.

The intense goalkeeper said in front of the Movistar cameras that “the first half was equal and it was difficult for us to create danger, but in the second we corrected it and turned around. The team has developed a lot. We need to add three points, but can’t. I am sure that if we continue in this line, success will come soon. There is still a long way to go,” he concluded.

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For his part, Cádiz defender Víctor Chust, in place of an injured Fali at the beginning of the game, commented that “we know that the spanish I would have pushed and we know how to defend well. We leave happy with the point achieved on a difficult field and against a good opponent”.

Source: La Verdad


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