Uzuni: “We will promote directly”


Myrto Uzuni is convinced that the pomegranate can rise directly and be able to stay in the top two in the final stage of the league competition. “We will only promote directly, not in the ‘play off’, for me there is no doubt. That’s all we think about, not about anything else. We have quality and a good coach”, he maintained.

The leading scorer of SmartBank League He is confident that he will help his goals in the remaining days. “My mentality is to always want more and more and I want to score in the four remaining games. I know my quality, capacity and mentality. In Segunda it is difficult to beat home teams, but we know that a team that wants to go up has to do it. We have a cold mind now and we know that the pressure is not bad, but good”, he said.

He pomegranate there will be a good number of fans this coming Friday success to encourage the team from the stands at a decisive moment and that was greatly appreciated by the Albanian international attacker. “It means a lot to us that they spend twenty hours on the bus, it’s unbelievable. For me, these are the best fans I’ve ever played with. Thanks to them we didn’t lose at home, even when we were playing. The fans’ effort to go success. I feel a lot of emotions when I see that people live for and for football,” he said.

Source: La Verdad


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