Ibai Llanos dropped only one hour on “no tickets” at the Metropolitan


Associate the name of any brand or institution with Plains of Ibai, the famous ‘streamer’ of our country, is synonymous with guaranteed success. If not, tell the Atletico Madrid, which will host this coming summer (July 1) one of the most anticipated events in the repertoire of shows it sponsors. We define ‘The night‘, that this third edition will be held at the Metropolitan.

If so, what? Athletic It is difficult for him to fill his stadium – he has done it several times this year but less than he would like -, Plains of Ibai it took him about an hour. This was the time he put tickets on sale for the amateur boxing event of the year and they took off.

“We sold an event with 60,000 tickets in an hour. What absolute barbarity. We will try to live up to this”, the reaction of the Basque shortly after the sale of tickets. If in the previous edition more than 12,000 gathered badalonaThe promoters of this event have ensured the presence of 60,000 souls in the stadium of Atletico Madrid.

In the battles that will take place, plain staying awake coscu against. German Garmendia, dad gavi against ampere; iloggg against Larivers; luzu in the view of fernanfloo; to end the night with Shelao against by ViruZz, and the one of Amouranth vs. Mayichi.

And among the artists who will perform are Bast, Feid, Maria Becerra, Ozuna, Quevedo and Rosario Flores.

For him Atletico Madrid Such a success that this event, which last year was seen by several million people, was held in its stadium, where in the coming months the concerts of Metallica, Guns and Roses, Chapo102, The Weeknd, Rockin’1000: A band of a thousand musicians or MG La Liga Music Experience.

Source: La Verdad


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