Javier Sagrera started the Eurocup-3 season with Palou Motorsport


After a long wait, Javier Sagrera finally begins its European season in the new competition, the eurocup-3. At only 19 years of age and two years of experience in British Formula 3Sagrera returned home with the firm intention of showing his talent and ambition in the world of racing.

Eurocup-3 is a newly created competition to replace the former European F3 and provide an opportunity for many talented drivers looking to advance in their professional career. The tournament starts this weekend on the circuit of spa-francorchamps, one of the most challenging in the world of motorsports. In the length of 7,004 kilometers and a sum of 20 curvesis a track known for its unpredictability due to changing weather conditions, which can affect race results.

After getting several podiums in England, Sagrera aspires to show his ability in Europe by facing this new challenge with the team Palou Motorsportwith the team set up successfully Spanish pilot, Álex Palou.

“I’m excited to start the season and more because it’s the iconic circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, which I already know from my two years of racing in British F3. I think we arrived ready, thanks to the great work that has us. done with the team and the engineers”he commented.

“Furthermore, I was very lucky to prepare the races with Álex, who with his experience can give me valuable advice in important moments such as qualifying and racing. This circuit has many straights and requires the car to be controlled in at all times, but I feel we are ready for the challenge thanks to the efforts of the whole team. I am very excited to start on this artificial circuit and I am confident that everything will go well.”

This Friday will be the qualifying and the first race that can be followed on the ‘livetiming’ and ‘streaming’ of the Eurocup-3 website.

Source: La Verdad


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