The Keys to the Le Mans Sprint


1. Bastianini’s victory at Le Mans 2022.

“Last year Bastianini won here, so I saw the video of what he did at the start. What I did was imitate it… and it turned out perfect;” Jorge Martín, race winner.

2. Martin’s career reading.

Jorge started very well from the second row of the grid. By the second corner he was second and when he saw Bagnaia start to have trouble, he immediately passed him and shot his way to victory. Strong career.

3. Binder’s reaction.

The South African is the sharpest driver in the category so far. From tenth position on the grid he made a good start, he got behind Bagnaia and Márquez, and when they were ‘hooked’ in a particular head-to-head, he took advantage and overtook both at the same time. Two races ago he was ninth in the championship, now he is second.

4. The ‘handbrake’ of the pilots.

After the meeting with those responsible for punishing questionable actions on the track, in the race it was clearly seen how some, for example, Bagnaia and Márquez, ran more thinking that they could be punished than taking advantage of every opportunity.

5. Quartararo’s classification.

It was a huge jug of cold water when the poleman of 2020, 2021, fourth in 2022 and the spectator pilot who filled the circuit did not make it to Q2. Fabio tried to get through the race, but crashed when he was running in eighth.

Source: La Verdad


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