Pedri: “I finished the League celebration by running more than the game”


Pedro Gonzalez ‘Pedri’ He is the star this Tuesday in the program the anthill, presented by Pablo Motos. The midfielder of FC Barcelona He spoke, among other things, about how he lived the celebration of his first League title, including the flight of the champion race after the invasion of the field that took place in RCDE Espanyol Stadium. “I ran more and faster than the match,” he commented as he described how he felt about the incident.

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“We were celebrating the title, we didn’t do it to disrespect anyone, far from it. Just when we did the ‘mythical round’ of all the celebrations, I don’t know who said ‘run, run’ and looked me. there, I saw a lot of people running and then I ran more and faster than the match”, which ended in a victory (2-4) in favor of Barça.

“We all ran except our delegate, Naval”

Asked if he had been scared, he admitted that “yes, a little, especially in the tunnel, because it is narrow, many people fell in the middle and it was like a gymkhana,” he said. Pedri emphasized the person he found calmer during the stampede. “We all ran except for our delegate Carlos Navalwho I sent a hug to, who quietly left, as if nothing had happened,” he said in amazement.

Overall, Pedri underlined the positive aspects of celebrating his first League. “Everything went very quickly. The celebration was fun, without counting the many details. We had a great time, as well as Rúa,” he said.

“I want Messi to come back”

As all the Barça players who have been asked about this matter have been doing in recent weeks, Pedri opened the locker room door to the possible return of Leo Messi, where he shared the experience of playing when he arrived in Barcelona from UD Las Palmas. “I want Messi to come back to Barcelona,” he said.

“I’ve been angry with Xavi, yes”

About the technician, Xavi Hernandez, Pedri said that “he was a very close uncle”. “He is a footballer, he came when he was young when he had veterans, and he knows how we behave. He helps us a lot,” he said. Pedri admitted to “eating a bit of anger from Xavi, yes.” “Sometimes slowly and upwards, like talking and getting angry. Then I nod and I don’t struggle anymore,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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