0-5: The two-time champion scores and qualifies for the round of 16


There is a triplet Raphael Veiga Palmeirascurrent two -time champion Libertadores Cupagain humiliated Independiente on Tuesday Bolivian oil tanker by 0-5 and is the first team to be classified in the round of 16 of the continental competition.

After the fourth date in your area, palm trees leading Group A with 12 points out of a possible 12, followed by Emelec there are 5, then there are Sports Tachira from Venezuela there are 4 and in the last place the Oil Independent with one, already removed from the Cup.

palm trees this fight was achieved by a triplet of Rafael Veiga in minutes 15, 22, 60, another goal from the scorer Rafael Navarro in the 62nd minute and Murilo Cerqueira at 74, at the stadium Homeland of Sucreat an altitude of 2,820 meters.

height of palm trees Seen from the first moment he controlled the fight against a Independent that he was unable to finish his plays to reach the opposite goal.

A mistake by the Paraguayan defender Francisco Silva of handling the ball with his hand provided palm trees a penalty of 15 minutes Rafael Veiga became the first goal in favor of the Brazilian team.

The second goal was immediately and in the 22nd minute Veiga ended on the left from very close to the goal with the help of Eduardo ‘Dudu’ Pereira scoring a second goal.

The judge Nicholas Lamolina He showed the Argentine striker a red card in the 47th minute Jonathan Cristaldo and a minute later the technical director of “capitalinos” was also fired. Marcelo Robledo that he had to leave the court to claim the warning.

Veiga became the executioner of Indiawith 10 on the field, who in 60 minutes, about 30 meters from the goal, finished with his left foot achieving the third goal, two minutes later Rafael Navarrothe top gunner of Liberatorsscored the fourth goal which he finished with his right foot from the middle of the area.

The fifth came from a header by Murilo Cerqueira in the 74th minute after a corner kick against a lackluster rival, the Bolivian tournament champion.

Palmeiras, champion of Liberators in 2020 and 2021, he remains undefeated so far with four wins.

Led by Abel Ferrera They had previously beaten Inde 8-1 on the second date of this contest.

Oil Independent will visit Deportivo Táchira of Venezuela on May 18, while Palmeiras will receive Emelec at home for the fifth day.

Source: La Verdad


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