Aston Martin: “There will be more chances to win”


Aston Martin knows that Monaco this gave him his first big chance of the year to pull off a win. At the Principality track, many factors came together to make this happen: Red Bull could not exploit its greatest power, its greatest speed, due to the lack of straight lines. In addition, the Aston Martin showed good slow cornering performance and the hands of Alonso can be more decisive between the walls of Monaco. Mike Krack, Team Principal of Aston Martin, already said in the first round of Bahrain on ‘DAZN F1’: “I think there are some hints where the combination of this driver with this car can be more mysterious. Monaco , Barcelona…”. In Monaco, they got closer. In particular, 84 thousandths from a pole which in the Principality is almost synonymous with success.

Only Max Verstappen, with a final sector worthy of Senna himself, holding onto the walls on several occasions and risking the highest, was able to avoid Fernando Alonso’s pole position, and ultimately, victory on Sunday, printed a devastating speed with incredible management of the tires by his car which meant that Alonso had no options other than what the rain gave him.

The Aston Martin’s first good chance to win this year and for Alonso to achieve his long-awaited 33rd F1 victory ended with 2nd place, the best result of the course. And far from grieving, the green team looked more on the positive side: Monaco confirmed that on a very specific type of track, Aston Martin could opt for victory. Hungary could be a chance againalthough it has a 908-metre straight where Red Bull can make a difference. And above all, Singapore.

Does Alonso have a chance to win in Barcelona?

But let’s go back to Mike Krack’s words in Bahrain. That day he set his sights on Monaco and Barcelona. In fact, in Miami, Alonso said that “In Monaco and Barcelona, ​​there may be some opportunities.” On ‘DAZN F1’ they asked the Aston Martin Principal Team about it. But This time, the head of the green box rejected that idea and lowered expectations.

“More options? I said Barcelona… but I think Barcelona will be more difficult, because there you need more power in the car.”, he pointed out despite the rumors that the Aston Martin was more positive at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya due to the car’s good performance in fast corners on a track where the elimination of the final chicane adds more speed which are corners in its design. Of course, The Circuit’s long straights allow Red Bull to exploit its biggest points. But there will be another element that can change everything: rain. It could rain in Montmeló all weekend and that could change everything.

“There are more opportunities. And improvements will come”

In this sense, Mike Krack is optimistic about the future in the short term and the options to succeed this year: “But there will be more opportunities! Now we will try to improve the car. Improvements will definitely come. New parts will come in the next races”he added.

It should not be forgotten that Aston Martin had to bring to Imola some parts of its AMR23 development, and due to the cancellation of said appointment, the team decided to mount some of them in Monaco and reserve others to put them in Barcelona. In addition, in its development plan they plan to bring more new pieces “to Montreal and some to Silverstone”as Krack said a few weeks ago.

It should be noted that Aston Martin had 37% more time in the wind tunnel and CFD simulation according to regulation than Red Bull for its 7th position in the Constructors’ World Championship and that in June the times table will be updated, which will remove a large advantage from Aston Martin for its second position in the current World Cup. But that doesn’t mean more pieces aren’t coming. It is not known if Aston Martin still has much news in its factory production area as a result of using the extra hours it has.

Source: La Verdad


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