2-2: River, more leader despite everything


2-2: River, more leader despite everything

Only nine days left. 27 points remain at stake. Even in the Argentine league there is still a long way to go. There it is riverwell up, now one point away from the escort San Lorenzo (lost to Barracas Central), with a half-dozen point difference over Ciclón. Only tied at 2-2 Velez in Linear. It should be a scene to smile. However, millionaires lament…

That’s what River deserved to win. He created many scoring situations and made rival goalkeeper Gastón Gómez a figurehead. If he did not get the victory, it was because he lacked more efficiency and because Franco Armani made another mistake, who failed against Sporting Cristal a week ago for the Libertadores and again shocked the action of the final tie in Vélez.

River came from a draw that tasted defeat of the Libertadores. He had to reaffirm his candidacy in the local contest. And he didn’t think twice. He came out to impose conditions, to star, this time with two real forwards, with Pablo Solari and Miguel Borja.

River squashed the doubts in the first half as Ricardo Gareca’s Vélez youngster arrived on the back of an eight game winless run. And he took advantage of a left foot from Paraguayan Robert Rojas next to a stick. At that point, “Chila” Gómez had saved Vélez several times.

Vélez matched it with a collective game defined by Lucas Pratto in class, just one of River’s historic heroes in Madrid… But River persisted and looked for more. Lucas Beltrán came in and nailed the second goal with a header. It seems to have been liquidated by millionaires. In any case, the boys from Vélez persisted until Francisco Ortega’s fierce shot arrived, Armani misplaced his hands and the ball went in. And River was left lamenting. It was true that today he was a little fuller than the day before, but it was also true that he could be more comfortable.

So River closed the day 18, on a Monday where there were also four other games: Banfield 2 – Rosario Central 0, Instituto 0 – Estudiantes 0, Colón 2 – Central Córdoba 2 and Huracán 0 – Unión 1.

Now River is the sole leader with 41 points. Second, San Lorenzo with 35. Third, Talleres with 34. Then, Estudiantes with 32. Then, Defensa y Justicia and Rosario Central with 30. The distance could be greater, but it is not, and you know why…

Source: La Verdad


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